We believe that all teenagers should know their value in society and find their own ways to jobs and dreams. My Dream Now works against segregation and youth unemployment, for social sustainability. 

Our Model Employees from our partner-companies, together with other volunteers, work to inspire and motivate teenagers to find and realize their dreams.  

– Team of 3-4 volunteers from different employers visit a class 3-4 times per year

– Our volunteers are called class coaches and get training as well as a program,  with different themes and exercises for each 2 hour session in class.

– We arrange study visits to a wide range of employers.

– We focus on areas with high potential, where many teenagers lack adult role models in a wide range of inspiring jobs.

– Corporate and public organisations are our partners. They pay a fee to engage their employees and attract talent. Our partners value a professional long term program for social sustainability.


Our Challenge Economic and social inequality make dreams difficult to achieve. 

Youth unemployment in low income areas. Kids in school often lack of understanding for their opportunities and how to get jobs to their potential. At same time many employers around the world are eager to get more talent to their vacant positions, with different levels of education and experience.


Our History My Dream Now was started in 2011 by CEO Jonas Bygdeson in one class, in one school, in the suburban area of Kista in Stockholm.

My Dream Now was founded by Jonas Bygdeson in Husby, Stockholm, Sweden in 2011. Jonas’s combined experience from the corporate world in export sales and being engaged in NGOs like the Red Cross to help new people in Sweden with foreign background. He found that large IT companies in Kista ”the Silicon Valley” in Stockholm, complained that too few teenagers were interested in math and the jobs they could offer. Literally across the street, in the low income area of Husby, kids in school did not have any parents or knew other adults who worked in these offices. Kids in school lacked motivation to to their math homework, since they did not see where it could take them, they did not believe they had opportunities. They had never been to an office, never met anyone from companies who would tell them about different types of jobs, become role models and make them feel inspired to work hard in school. Many were attracted to destructive groups of youth with less positive role models. So Jonas thought, why can’t we invite volunteers from the companies to inspire kids in school and share their experiences on what is important to get at job. Why can’t we invite kids from school to visit the offices? So he did.

Our Future More partner-companies, more volunteers and more schools – so that we can help teenagers all over the world.

Our goal is to work with 1 000 000 teenagers in 10 years in 10 different countries.

Class coaches from Nairobi

Our Countries

We work with some 20 schools in the Stockholm, Göteborg and Skåne areas. In 2017-18 we met with 1913 pupils,  we engaged 260 volunteers, carried through 229 class coach gatherings and worked with 124 different employers.
My Dream Now started working in Nairobi at Cheleta Primary School in October. The students come from the low income areas Huruma Village and Githogoro, in the Runda area.  The first class coach gathering was carried through on October 9th in partnership with DHL Kenya. Nine volunteers from different local companies met over 60 pupils from grade 5.
In January we plan to start at New Dawn High School in Huruma Village.
My Dream Now is currently speaking to a couple of local companies to partner up with, in hopes of being able to work with more schools in Nairobi in 2019. 

Our organization

My Dream Now is a long term program, run by the not-for profit social enterprise Creador AB, registered as a private limited company in Sweden. We have been profitable since 2012 to ensure financial stability and long term development. All profits are re-invested in the organization to allow for further expansion. Jonas Bygdeson is the owner and CEO. In Sweden we have offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. 


Founder and for inquiries regarding Kenya 
Jonas Bygdeson (temporarily during establishment phase) 
Jennifer Ericsson, Head of Stockholm region,
Isaac Haasén, Head of Gothenburg and Skåne regions
National Partner Kenya