My Dream Now

My Dream Now started in 2011 with one class in one school in the area of Kista in Stockholm. In 2016-17 we work with 19 schools in six municipalities in Sweden. We aim to be international, with global partner corporations.

Our Challenge

Economic and social inequality make dreams difficult to achieve. 
In many areas of Sweden as many as 40% of students (national average of 17%) leave 9th grade without the necessary qualifications to fit the entry requirements for high school. In addition to this, over 130 000 persons under the age of 29 were without employment or education in Sweden 2016. Simultaneously 78% of companies in Sweden (2017) find it difficult to recruit workers. In the past years this failure to recruit has resulted in that 20% of companies have halted expansion opportunities or
rejected orders. The students that could hold these positions lack motivation to succeed in school and to acquire the necessary skills due to the lack of knowledge of the opportunities available to them. Teenagers around the globe need role models who can inspire and show them the opportunities available to them in todays global world. Teenagers who lack support at home or live in ‘economically challenged areas’ need these role models even more. All teenagers need to have information about the opportunities available to them and dare to dream about their futures.

By connecting students to potential future employers already in school we show teenagers the breadth of opportunities which they face. Through this we can make teenagers believe in themselves and in their dreams. We can reduce youth unemployment by providing students with motivation to continue their education. We can decrease the economic and social inequalities within the society by providing all students with equal opportunities – we can make their dreams a reality!



Our Model

Employees from our partner-companies, together with other volunteers, work to inspire and motivate teenagers to find and realize their dreams.  We work primarily with students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds who lack adult role models from the professional world. Many of the coaches working together with us come from less affluent backgrounds themselves and become fantastic role models for the students.

The program is structured so that each class meets four class-coaches from different spheres of the professional world four times throughout the academic year. Each meeting is specially structured to inspire and motivate the students and we use a variety of methodologies including our own multi-step DreamMap technique. We encourage the students to picture different paths for achieving their dreams and to set short-term goals in order to inspire concrete action.

We also ensure that each student has the opportunity to visit a minimum of two employers each academic year. During these visits the students learns about different professions at the actual workplace and gets to try out activities and broaden their world-view.

In order to finance our operations My Dream Now charges a fee from the participating schools (covers 20% of the costs) and a fee from the partner companies (covers the remaining costs). All profits are re-invested in the organization to allow for further expansion. 

Our History and Future

My Dream Now was started in 2011 by CEO Jonas Bygdeson in one class, in one school, in the suburban area of Kista in Stockholm.  During the first year the company worked with 130 students. In the following two years, operations expanded and My Dream Now worked with another one thousand students. In the last three years, we have doubled our operations. Only last academic year My Dream Now worked with 1657 students in 60 classes who visited 187 different workplaces at our 25 partner companies around Sweden. Today we operate in schools in both Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. Cumulatively we have now worked with 3315 students since the foundation of the company. We have followed some of these students throughout both school and high school.

However, we always strive to improve and are currently launching new exciting projects such as the development of an app. The app will be a useful aid for our students in keeping contact with their class-coaches and other members of the professional world. It will also be an aid for our partner companies to find the skill which they so greatly need. Our belief is that all children and students should have equal opportunities for finding jobs and for reaching their dreams. Our aim is therefore international and we strive to expand our operations globally so we are always looking for new partnerships and exciting opportunities for cooperation.