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Our vision is that all young people should feel their worth in society and find their own ways to work and dreams.


We engage volunteers from working life who inspire students to see the opportunities in the job market. My Dream Now offers a concrete program for inspiring school-work collaboration. Employers who want to take active social responsibility are paying partners and offer their employees to get involved.


We prioritize areas with great potential, such as Botkyrka, the Järva area, Biskopsgården and Rosengård, where many young people lack role models in working life.    


My Dream Now's goal is for all young people to feel more motivated at school, make contacts in working life and find their own way to the dream job.



It is important for us to show what kind of work we actually do in the schools because we see that we are making a difference and we want to be able to prove this to employers who are interested in working with us. Our current partners also want  to be able to show the work that they do with us, internally to other colleagues and also externally because they are proud to be a part of My Dream Now and want to inspire other employers to join. The more partners we have, the more resources we get that we can use to help guide your children.


Sometimes we have a photographer who attends the class coach meetings and before such a photo shoot we always send out a photo permit to you parents. We usually ask the students to bring them home to you. It is important for us that you sign, under the conditions that you feel it is okay for your child to be photographed by us.  My Dream Now and sometimes our partner companies have access to the images and they are used in our presentations when we meet potentially new partners, as well as on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


If you have any questions regarding our work or the usage of photos etc, please dont hesitate to contact us. You will find our contacts down below.

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