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Contributing to better futures for young people.

We want to thank our fantastic class coaches from Greencarrier for your engagement with My Dream Now during the years! 🌟 You have made a great impact to many students at different schools in Gothenburg! We also know that you and your future class coaches will continue to contribute with lots of inspiration for many youths.

We are grateful for our cooperation! Contributing to better futures for young people

Each year we challenge all our employees to come up with Greencarrier Spirit projects, that aims to do good and give back to the planet or society. The winners of 2019 were our class coaches for My Dream Now. 

Within young people lies the future – and we at Greencarrier are happy to be part of their journey towards fulfilling their dreams and finding their future work. Since 2018 we have been partners to the organization My Dream Now and we have had class coaches in two different schools in Gothenburg... Read the complete press release here


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